Concrete Testing







The use of various NDT methods Like Xray, Ultrasonic, Eddy Current & Thermography to assess the strength & durability of concrete & the Moisture Ingression in Concrete

  • To Establish Homogeneity of Concrete.
  • Comparison of Concrete Quality W.R.T. A Standard
  • Detection of Cracks, Voids/ Other Imperfections
  • Monitoring Changes in Concrete With Passage of Time
  • To Establish Quality of One Element W.R.T. Another
  • Assessment of Existing Structure for Rehabilitation Planning
  • As an Alternative Testing Method if Cube Results Raise Doubts about Concrete Quality (Post Mortem)
  • To locate the rebar & to verify it’s dia and it’s depth
  • To learn to Locate Leaks & the Moisture ingressed area in the walls & roofs By using Thermographic camera