API is a American Base Organization, and Providing Professional Inspection Certification Program, API Authorized Inspectors must have wide Knowledge relating to Inspection, Maintenance, Piping System. The API Inspector Certification Program is Structured to determine if applicant such Knowledge. This class is designed for inspectors and engineers working in refineries, chemical plants, gas plants, pipeline terminals, and oil fields.

Course Overview

The course prepares the student for the API 510, 570,653 exam. The course is an intensive 10 Days course with a heavy emphasis on the use of the codes and mathematical calculations.


The course provides participants with the knowledge necessary to:
• Successfully pass the API 510, 570, 653 inspector certification exam* (see our guarantee)
• Effectively use major codes: ASME B&PV Sections II, V, VIII, IX
• Perform all basic vessel, Tank, Pipipng calculations needed for the API exam (e.g. tmin, test pressure, MAWP, static head, MDMT, corrosion rates, remaining life, etc.)
• Use API’s requirements during inspection, repairs, and alterations of pressure vessels, Piping, Tank.
• Review welding procedures (WPS/PQR) and welder performance qualifications (WPQ)

Class Participants

Students should have 3 years of experience at a petrochemical facility and have at least 1 year of inspection experience. There are no required class prerequisites.


This is an intense course with daily homework and a final exam (similar to the API 510, 570, 653 exam). A study guide is issued to direct participant’s pre-class study.

Certification Program

API 510 – Pressure Vessel Inspector Program
API 570 – Piping Inspector Program
API 653 – Above Ground Storage Tank Inspector Program