Construction Safety

The risk of injuries in the construction industry is very high mainly because of the nature of the work carried out by different agencies employing largely unskilled workers. In India, a little over 16 per cent of the population depends on construction industry for its livelihood while 18.7 million persons are directly engaged in this sector. it is estimated that one out of every five persons employed into his industry suffers employment injury as adequate attention has not been given to safety and health. Government of India has enacted the Building and other construction workers (regulation of employment and conditions of service) Act 1996 and has framed central rules there under in November, 1998. The rules have not been framed yet by most of the state governments.

Anticipating the need of qualified Safety Officers, in construction Safety , which on forms to the requirements as, envisaged in the Building and other construction workers act, Rules. This course provides comprehensive education as well as academic aspects of construction industry safety and health.

Diploma in Construction Safety

  • Working at heights
  • Scaf folding & usage of proper ladder
  • Safety requirements for construction industries
  • Design and load factor
  • Defects and inspection norms
  • Types of ladders & maintenance tips
  • Rigging Safety
  • Materials handling technique
  • Slings & Hoist handling
  • Chain Blocks & Derrick HandlingSafety in paint mixing
  • Solvent Handling & Paint Storage
  • Risk control and measures
  • Risk preventive methods
  • Mechanical hazards
  • Tagging barrigation and warning signs
  • Hot work risk and controls
  • Precautions on usage of Grinder , drilling machines etc
  • Tools and tackles maintenance