Industrial Safety

Safety Engineering is based upon the fundamental principles and rules practices. Safety Engineering creates the Identification, evaluation and control of hazardous materials, machinery systems such as products, machine, equipment or facilities that can cause jeopardy to life or damage of property. Safety Engineering can be viewed as physical and mathematical side of injury, damage and prevention, also it can be known as the administrative or software side of prevention. Safety management provides the structure within the techniques of safety.

The purpose of this course is to eliminate the students with amusements and understanding of industrial safety and accident prevention. Students will gain knowledge of hazard / destructive work place management’s liabilities and the role of risk reduction as the policies derived by the state and central Government. Now you can be one of them, tomorrow you can be known as an Safety Engineer, Safety Inspector, Safety officer or Safety Managers. So don’t wait for opportunity-get opportunity wait for you.

Diploma in Industrial Safety

  • Safety fundamentals and procure in Industries
  • Safety in Work Place and good practices
  • Work permit and their importance
  • Accident investigations
  • Safety section norms in Industries
  • Road Safety
  • MSDS and its importance
  • Hazards in using of high pressure gas
  • Risk & control measures in excavation
  • Hazard identification and analysis
  • Legal aspects of safety laws
  • Job Safety analysis
  • Handling and storage of high pressure gas cylinders
  • Tools handling and maintenance
  • Transportation & storage of hazardous chemicals /materials in industries
  • PPE’s usage Respiratory & Non Respiratory

Note: All the above topics are covered with necessary ppt and experts experience and corresponding videos.  We will provide notes and soft copy