Oil & Gas Engineering Safety

Safety and health management is one of the vital constituents of Oil and Gas industry activities because most of the operational conditions, chemicals and end products (hydrocarbons and other compounds) associated with Oil and Gas production are well-known to pose serious safety and health threats to the workers. There is a continuing high demand for people with specialist knowledge in these areas, partly a result of the legal requirements to assess and control industrial risks to people and the environment and partly because of the need to create high integrity engineering systems in many industries – for example, in the offshore, nuclear, transport, aerospace and process industries.

Diploma in Oil & Gas Safety Management

  • Fundamentals of Fire Engineering
  • History of Fire
  • Chemistry of Combustion
  • Classification of Fire
  • Extinguishment of Fire
  • Fixed Fire fighting equipments
  • Safety fundamentals and procure in Industries
  • Safety in Work Place and good practices
  • Work permit and their importance
  • Accident investigations
  • Safety section norms in Industries
  • MSDS and its importance
  • Hazards in using of high pressure gas
  • Hazard identification and analysis
  • Job Safety analysis
  • Handling and storage of high pressure gas cylinders
  • Tools handling and maintenance
  • Transportation & storage of hazardous chemicals /materials in industries
  • Common Occupational Diseases/ailments in work site
  • Control measures of Occupational and work diseases
  • Classification of pollutions
  • Sources and methods of controlling the pollutions
  • Source of Noise & Vibrations in industries
  • Control methods of Noise & Vibration
  • Occupational diseases & Industrial Hygiene
  • Industrial lightings & ventilation

Note: All the above topics are covered with necessary ppt and experts experience and corresponding videos.  We will provide notes and soft copy