The goal of a health and safety audit is to assist in the continuous improvement of your company’s OHS procedures.
The audit should:

  • Identify the risks and the levels of those risks within the workplace;
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your safety procedures;
  • Assess whether your safety procedures are legally compliant;
  • Compare current documentation and practices against best practice and legal obligations;
  • Recommend improvements in your safety procedures;
  • Ensure that there adequate resources available to manage OHS; and
  • Ensure that the resources devoted to health and safety are being utilized effectively.

An audit of your health and safety management systems identifies whether the safety systems are operating
effectively, or whether they need to be more efficient.

An audit may be an independent event or part of an ongoing program. In addition, audits:

  • can focus on a particular activity (e.g. how hazardous substances are controlled);
  • can focus on a particular part of the organization (e.g. the packing area); or
  • May address the overall performance of the health and safety management system.

An audit of an OHS management system will address areas such as:

  • planning;
  • OHS responsibilities;
  • organizational structure;
  • consultation arrangements;
  • implementation of all procedures and activities;
  • hazard identification, assessment and control;
  • training and competence;
  • measurement, reporting and evaluation; and
  • Review of the OHS system and its overall performance.

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